An exclusive invitation for busy mothers HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS FROM HOME, and get financial freedom and flexibility for your family.
The time is now to discover how to CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS FROM HOME on YOUR OWN TERMS.

Are you ready to make a change, grow your confidence and start building a business from your kitchen table that works for you right now? Then this is for you!
Right now, we're experiencing a massive shift in the world. Perhaps this has given you an opportunity to rethink the way you live your life. The truth is that you can monetize your passions and work from home, and create a new way of working for you and your family. 

Yes, you CAN be present for all those family milestones without feeling so guilty and pulled in a gazillion directions.

But you probably know that is easier said than done, with the never-ending to-do list of motherhood. Making such a shift is really difficult and OVERWHELMING too!
HOWEVER there has never been a better time to embrace the leap! More people than ever are changing what they do, and finding the financial freedom and flexibility to do what they really want. 

You can take that big step and find a new way of building a successful business that works for you and works for your family.

I've helped thousands of women follow their dreams from doctors to entrepreneurs, TV presenters, authors, teachers and stay at home parents.

Now it's your turn to learn all of my previously unseen tips and strategies.

I’m so ready to help you make the leap so that you can step off the hamster wheel of work and motherhood, and turn your passion into profits right from your home. 

Are you....?
👉 In need of direction, support and inspiration in uncertain times to kick start your business?

👉 Ready to stretch your confidence muscles and learn to monetize your passions doing what you love, in a way that fits flexibly around your kids?

👉 A mother whose kids have started school, who wants to be present for the important stuff of life, without feeling you have to constantly choose between work and family?

👉 On maternity leave, and honestly doesn’t know how work will work with your family?

You know that you have this self-belief inside, you have just to learn to harness it!
Perhaps you’ve been thinking of setting up an online business for a while, but life (and perhaps that boss) and work deadlines got in the way.

Very often, what holds us back isn’t really confidence, it’s just that we lack the direction and focus to go follow our dreams and passions.

And then there’s those gremlin voices that tell you that you’re not ready, there’s too much going on in your life right now, and you wonder how it will work with the kids…

But the real truth is that you’re never going to feel magically “confident.”  ..There’s never a right time, you just need the tools and strategies to put one foot in front of the other and take action!

Did You Know?...

There are more than 11 million businesses owned by women in the United States. These businesses employ 9 million people and this number is growing. The digital space has opened up so many opportunities that were simply not possible for previous generations.

Doing something different isn’t without some risk, and challenges.  

Setting up a business can feel overwhelming if you don't have a support network in place.
What you need is help from someone who’s been there, done that and BUILT AN EMPIRE FROM HER KITCHEN TABLE!

Here’s my no-nonsense philosophy: 

👉 Understand why you are lacking in confidence and what to do about it.

👉 Learn the importance of KNOWING YOUR WORTH, whether that's pitching your ideas or negotiating contracts.

👉 Understand how to CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS and be able to share tonnes of value with the world (and be well paid for it)

👉 Realise the importance of boundaries and how to say 'no' to what doesn’t work for your family and 'yes' to what really matters.

👉 How to find balance in the crazy juggle of life, and carve out some ‘me time.’

Meet Vicki, founder of Honest Mum, author of Mumboss in the UK and The Working Mom in the US 

Hi, I’m Vicki, multi award-winning blogger, vlogger and bestselling author of The Working Mom and MumBoss. I’m a former TV and film director and created the Honest Mum blog in November 2010 while on maternity leave as a way to help me regain my confidence after suffering from a traumatic birth.

I’ve become an expert in parenting, and major global brands pay me thousands to represent them, and tell stories on Facebook and Instagram every day.
Becoming an influencer and TV personality has proven to be a fulfilling, flexible way to work around my young family. My mission is to help mobilize mothers to build a lifestyle that is right for you and your family, whether it be monetizing your passions, reclaiming your identity, or building that business you always dreamt of!

I'm Featured in:

Let Me Introduce:

Confidence To Go For It
Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table
This is an INFORMATIVE and MUST-HAVE video course enabling you to build your business from your kitchen table! It's an accessible online course, bursting with actionable advice so you can:

👉 Confidently build a way of working that enables you to juggle motherhood and work

👉 Rebuild your confidence and create a brand YOU

👉 Regain your focus and direction right from your kitchen table

👉 Learn to own your worth and see your value right now

👉 ​Turn your creative passions into something profitable and meaningful

👉 Harness the potential of your phone and social media to build that 6 figure business that fits around your family

It’s for ALL mothers whether you've just had a baby or you’re juggling the joys of homeschooling!

Course Structure

Confidence To Go For It - Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table is a self study video course you can watch on your phone or desktop with accompanying worksheets for self-reflection and note taking.
The course is delivered via an online site that you have access to immediately after payment. (Yes, even for 3am sign ups when you can’t sleep!)

The course is the complete program for the woman lacking in confidence, direction and support but is ready to make the leap, and find a new way of working and building a business with greater confidence.

I created Honest Mum 10 years ago, and I now get paid for sharing my stories, and working with global brands. In the process I’ve created a best-selling book, am invited to share my expertize on TV regularly, and have worked with the Spice Girls, Kim Cattrall and Elton John along the way. But the best part is that I’ve done this from my kitchen table, and enabled my family to come first, while still building a 6-figure business.

This program has been broken down into 15 jam-packed modules, with my previously unshared tips and strategies, that YOU NEED TO follow to get the flexibility and financial freedom you crave and be your own boss!!

So what’s included?

Module 1: My Story
How I built a business from my kitchen table and how this is possible for you too: 

👉 How this is possible for you

👉 Tips for starting out with your business and gaining financial security

Module 2: What's Your Passion?
This is about turning your passion into profit! In this module you’ll be asking yourself lots of questions, doing some research and figuring out your next few steps:

👉 How can you monetize YOU and what you do? 

👉 What are your skills? (As a mother you’ll have plenty, trust me!) 

👉 What do you love to do?

Module 3: Your USP - Unique Selling Point
Once you’re clear on your very own brand of special sauce you can do anything! Before you know it you’ll be the boss you knew you were meant to be:

👉 Set up a new business 

👉 Build a personal brand and paid for being you!

👉 ​Share your knowledge online

Module 4: Niche Down
👉 Why it pays to niche down on one platform
👉 How niching down can hope you grow
👉 Why SEO (search engine optimisation) matters!

Module 5: It's Not About the Numbers
Whilst social media Likes and Followers do matter....:

👉 It's the engagement that really matters
👉 How engaged are your followers?

Module 6: Ditch Perfectionism
You might know the saying "Done is better than perfect" however I will show you why you don't have to be perfect.

Module 7: Top Tips for Planning a New Business
Giving yourself the space to plan your business is key, here’s what you’ll learn:

👉 Everything from business resources to financial suggestions, flexible schedules and self-care

👉 It’s time to get creative, and start mapping out the most incredible opportunities for you and your family!

Module 8: Mother Hustler
Now you’ve decided on your business or creative goals, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to juggle all those balls! You'll learn how to:

👉 Prioritise your tasks
👉 Get organized
👉 ​And manage your time

Module 9: Why Your Confidence is Affected When You Have Kids
Having children has knocked your confidence and you’re on an emotional, physical and mental rollercoaster but it’s OK to not feel OK: 

👉 We’ll show you that it’s OK to ask for help

👉 Give you simple steps to rebuild your confidence and regain your identity

Module 10: Carve Out Some Time for You
Becoming a parent, especially for the first time, can leave you feeling riddled with self-doubt and wondering what happened to the woman you used to be. Regardless what’s going on with the world, I’ll help you to:

👉 Carve our time for yourself
👉 Take small action steps every day

Module 11: Overcoming Guilt
It’s easy to feel burdened with mother guilt about working and juggling kids: 

👉The good news is that you can create work that works for you and your family without feeling guilty

👉And you’ll learn how to manage the juggle without feeling so guilty all the time

Module 12: Reconnecting with Yourself and Finding Your Inner Child

No more sitting around waiting for confidence to reappear - it’s time to figure out what you want!

👉 Ways to begin connecting with what you really want, and what you want to do

👉 I’ll share the best tips to help you silence your inner critic (and some of those pesky outer critics too)

👉 You’ll learn to overcome your fears and start doing all the things you want to do, regardless of what’s going on in the world

Module 13: Confidence Boosters

No more sitting around waiting for confidence to reappear - it’s time to take action!: 

👉 Once you do one small thing you realise you can do a bigger thing

👉 Then it’s just a case of repeating those actions until you’re making an impact. Rinse and repeat!

Module 14: Comparison Paralysis
Social media can be a double edged sword:

👉 While it’s an endless source of information, inspiration and motivation, it’s also easy to find yourself in a negative spiral and compare yourself to others and to feel like your lifestyle or business idea will never match up

👉Stop right there! It’s time to stay in your lane, and use strategies to propel you forward

Module 15: Imposter Syndrome
This is your time to overcome the internal dialogue that has held you back for so long. No longer can you use the excuse “I feel like a fraud” as reason to stop doing what you want to do. You can do this! (And I'm here cheering you on from the sidelines.):

👉 Stop your gremlins from preventing you from reaching your full potential  

👉 How to stop the negative self-talk, and flip the switch

Bonus.....!!! To make sure you’re supported every step of the way, you’ll also get.....

Access to my exclusive Confidence to Go for It Facebook Group

You can connect with other women going through similar challenges and build friendships that will nurture and support you on your journey.
In this Facebook group you’ll have regular access to me, Vicki Psarias, founder of Honest Mum and author of MumBoss and The Working Mom, where I'll share video and written content to inspire you as you BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Got a question? This is the place to share your fears and shout about your wins.

Sounds Great! How Much Is The Investment?

All this for just $9!

 Yes! You read that correctly! Just $9 gives you lifetime access to......

Confidence To Go For It - Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table

......as well as exclusive access to the Facebook group, Confidence to Go for It 

FOR A LIMITED TIME PERIOD I have priced this course at just $9 when it’s actually worth hundreds of dollars?? So there are NO BARRIERS TO ENTRY for anyone and many mothers like you can learn how to take control of your life, working IN YOUR OWN TIME and ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know for sure you’re going to LOVE this course!
However, if for any reason you’re unhappy and don’t find great value in the course, I’ll return your $9 and let you keep the course content anyway!
You don’t even need to send anything back!
Just email me within 30 days and I’ll refund your $9. No questions asked.

Do You Have Any Burning Questions?

When can I access the course?
As soon as your purchase goes through you will receive automated emails with your log-in details

When I have purchased the course, how long is it available for?
The course is yours for life through your log-in details
What if it turns out the course is not for me?
Let me know within 30 days and I will provide you with a full refund; and you get to keep the course anyway!

Are my debit or credit card details secure?

Payments are processed through Stripe, which is one of the world’s leading secure online payment portals

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